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Importance of An Excellent Website Design For Increased Leads

It is no secret that every type of business has definitely taken the route of the internet for efficient marketing and to reach out to a maximum number of people. You will commonly find medical and health brands also using the internet medium for promotional purposes. The main aim of doing this is to connect with an increased number of people and build a stable customer base for the company. In this effort, the website design plays a crucial role to generate more leads for the business. This might have caught you off guard, did it? Read ahead to explore how website design is important for increased leads for businesses.
Importance of Web Design for Boosted Leads
The important role website design plays to boost leads is undeniable. An effective and engaging website design will attract a number of online visitors which will automatically boost your business sales. Let’s take an in-depth into how website design is essentially important for any business to get maximum leads.
1. Website Design Is More Than Visual Art
When we hear the word ‘website design’, most of us tend to think about only the visual outlook of the website. After all, isn’t that what design is all about? Well, the truth is that website design is a lot more than merely visual art. It is more like a map that holds the hidden power to redirect online visitors throughout the website. The design of the web page will play an impossible important role in grasping and retaining the attention of the web visitor long enough to persuade him into making a purchase.
2. Website Design Communicates with The Audience
You are not there physically present on the web as a representative of your business, are you? The website is your virtual representative that sends out the message of your business on behalf of you. This basically means that the website design communicates with the web visitors and introduces your brand to them, answer basic queries and offer an insight into the brand.
3. Medical Website Design Offers Reliability
A medical website design is more important to generate and increase brand leads than any other business website design. Why so? The website design of a medical brand or company leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the web visitors. It tells them that you know your job and you know exactly what you are talking about (relevant to medicine and health). It gives the chance to the visitors to decide whether or not they can trust you on basis of your expertise and professionalism.
4. Website Design Is the First Impression on Customers
There is a famous proverb that says that we should not judge a book by its cover but when you think about websites, the opposite of it is true. Customers judge the authenticity and dependability of the brand on basis of the customer experience they get from it. So a business is practically judged by the initial experience it offers to the customers.

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How Content Marketing Helps You Reach More Patients

How Content Marketing Helps You Reach More Patients

In a world of today, the importance of social media cannot be taken for granted. Facebook is reaching a new milestone of having 2 billion monthly active users while YouTube enjoys a hefty user database of 1.5 billion users.

The Power of Social Media

People these days have the tendency of searching everything on the web. Cooking recipes, travel tips, health benefits etc. Advertising is getting reformed. Instead of seeing shady looking billboards and boring news bulletins, an advertisement has been revolutionized on social media. Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – you name it. Visualizing graphics and soul provoking content are the two pillars of successful advertisement. It is a well-known research that posts tagged with a location have a 79% higher engagement rate whereas visual and appealing content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media.

The power of social media is increasing day by day. A wise choice for any successful business would be to focus on social media marketing.

An Average Patient and Social Media

Suppose Jane is a college going teenager. She’s suffering from a mild disease of pimples. The tight schedule of college lessons and a stressful teenage life prevents her from making an appointment with a doctor. Her part time job is time-consuming and in the end of the day, she feels lazy enough to make plans for the doctor appointment the next day. The next day never comes and the cycle goes on and on.

What we know about Jane is that she is an active social media user. Almost daily her Snapchat story gets updated and every week, a new Instagram picture of her can be seen by her audience. She has a huge fan following and herself loves to web surf and discover exciting new pages and groups on social media.

Now when Jane is using her favorite website, and an advertisement of a local dermatologist comes at her homepage, she’ll have his/her address, phone number at a glance. She can quickly discuss this with either her college roommate or her family. Her laziness would be prevented by an extra ease of access to the doctor on social media. In other words, she can potentially cure her disease, all because of an ad of social media.

The Use of Correct Words

Content marketing goes hand in hand with the appropriate SEO. If a dermatologist has a website, the trick is to have an attractive logo, use of targeted words and FAQs regarding skin diseases.

If a patient has any skin diseases, he or she would most likely search it up on the internet. User-friendly words would naturally want the client to spend more time on the doctor’s website.

If the site is very good, there’s also a chance a person can recommend it to further people.

Be a rebel – stray from the typical regular content and create your own uniqueness. Friendly content with a friendlier user interface is a key to winning the hearts of patients.

Always remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” Building a good website takes time so be steady and be patient.

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How Can You Attract Local Patients With Appropriate Use of SEO?

At the first sight, the question may seem a little daunting, especially if you don’t know the meaning of SEO. Let’s talk about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique on how your web page can excel from other web pages in terms of getting its place for a search made on a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)

You might have heard the joke:

“If you want to hide a body, the perfect place would be hidden on page two of Google”

Out of curiosity, why would it be the perfect place to hide the body? Because of no-one searches page number 2 of search results.

No One Likes Number 2

People of the modern century have little time and they need fast results. What if your website simply lacks the means to be number 1? No one likes to be at number 2 position. Websites fall into number 2 position because they are not simply good enough. Their content is either boring, pathetically copied from other websites, or their coding techniques suck.

SEO depends mainly on two things. The careful plantation of backlinks of trusted websites, original targeted content and good coding practices. The trick is to make your website so good, it comes in the good books of Google algorithms so every time anyone searches up to your website, your place is number 1 in the stack of web indexes.

The Art of Digitally Attracting a Patient

The key to attracting the patient to a doctor is via taking care of all the intricate details. Your website is basically, a representation of you. A client perceives you the way your website is ranked and designed. If the interface is not user-friendly, a client would most likely become frustrated and search for a friendlier website.

In addition to this, the logo matters a lot. The qualifications with the right font size and the art of content creation are the biggest heartthrob in the niche of digital health marketing. Simple, plain and effective English would achieve what most complicated level of grammar fails to do so.

One effective trick would be to carefully implement the target words, such as the doctor, patient, (disease name) etc. every now and then so that rank of a website may flourish inside the algorithms of a search engine.

To Catch a Fish – Think Like a Fish

Think like a patient. Imagine you’re suffering from a disease, what would you do? If it was me, I would search the social media and web surf the internet, looking for the required information.

That’s the advice I’ll give to my readers. When you’re trying search engine optimization, think of your website as the means to communicate with the client. Make sure you have used the right vocabulary, build up security credentials and gave genuine backlinks on other websites. This can be tedious so don’t give up so easily. With the right timing and right effort, you’ll be awarded the fruit of your hard work pretty soon.

If your website is very goodly optimized, no matter Google or Bing, your website can appear on the first page of multiple search engine results.

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